Tanner in %22oh my%22 pose slides across screen

Everybody poops.


Creative Success isn’t about intestinal regularity, but regularly showing you that you’re no different from every successful person who’s achieved personal, professional, or athletic success.

It’s all about perspective, right?

The vision of the Creative Success Show is to help you shift your perspective, discover the creativity inside yourself, pursue doing more of what you love, less of what you don’t, and help you become more successful at everything you do.

Did anyone else laugh at the fact that our Vision page lead off with poop?

Don’t take yourself so seriously.

If you do, it’s tough to laugh. And when it’s tough to do that, that’s a tough life to live. So, there’s going to be set backs, obstacles, and a whole bunch of poop that hits the fan. Our vision is to help you duck that shit like Neo, take the hard hits, and keep on rolling with a smile on your face.

Not a fake smile…

A real, heart-centered smile because you know you’re another step closer to achieving your

creative success!

The Creative Success Show, an audio only podcast with Tanner Gers, features guests that have tapped into their Creative Success in the fields of entrepreneurship, business, education, acting, music, marketing, sports, and comedy. I hope we can get some comedians because you know I love to laugh…

Whether it’s a solo episode with Tanner, or a co-hosted show with one of our creative guests, we’ll be sharing the books, courses, websites, apps, strategies, and stories that will help you tap into the creative success that’s inside you. If you couldn’t already tell, this isn’t an uptight, black-tie affair. Our vision is to have fun, laugh, and casually explore our creativity and show you that you can too create the life of your dreams. The life that you deserve to live.

Basically, fueling success through creativity.

Tell better stories today!

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