Information without execution is poverty

Not just poverty of wealth. Poverty of health. Poverty of your life.

Probably? Say definitely. This time I’ll be right.

Motivation in motion…

If you’re smart enough to keep trying, you’ll eventually learn how to do it right.

If you’re dumb enough to keep trying, you’ll eventually learn how to do it right.


I like making some progress… I could get used to this… Addict.

Those habits become rituals. Rituals become spiritual… Success automatic.

Motivation in motion…

No more dilly dally. I’m making the choice. I’m doing it.

Enough is enough. What’s the big fear around here? And so what if I lose it?


It’s time to take time for me. It’s time to get clear on my Intention. This vision.

Take a step back. Draw a map for this mission… Ignition.

Motivation in motion…

Got thoughts of not finishing? It’s time for ascension. Meditation.

So many things on the list. Pulling for my attention… Frustration.


Not making time for breaking is making a recipe for overload.

And that may be the spark, the jumpstart you need to pull out of park… Explode.

I put my motivation in motion. I am execution.

So go ahead and blow, blow up today. Take a step forward. Take it right now.

Cause all these little days add up Creators. They stack up. They make people look back, asking you, how?

Your pyramids, your coliseum, your throne, they’re all built 1 brick at a time.

Those bricks, they’re at your feet. But that choice, the choice to build, builds in your mind.

Motivation in motion…

This week… This week is a new week. This week I am.

Executing. I am focused. I am doing this.

Because information without execution is poverty.

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