You’ve Got the Website… He’s Got the Traffic… Introducing Scott Gombar

Howdy dooty, what’s shaking, and how’s it hanging Creators? Welcome to episode 78 of the Creative Success Show. I am Tanner Gers, your host for the evening, or whenever the hell you might be listening. And right now… For your earball pleasure is a great episode… Full of content for all the Creators who need more traffic. Yes sir, traffic to your website…! Don’t have a website yet? Well this probably isn’t for you… But I’ll still do my damndest to keep it interesting. More importantly… Why the hell don’t you have a website yet? Come on! It’s 2017 Creators! If you need help getting started with that… Holla at ya boy If you’re online… Then you know it’s about that traffic… You’re not gonna get 1000 likes on your posts if you’ve got 242 friends. The same is true for And that’s why Today’s guest on Creative Success is an expert you want to know… So… How do you get them followers? Get that traffic? Does it come from paid advertising? Or a social media presence? Is it your brand? Or live video? Because live video is HOT! So authentic Creators… You can’t edit live streams… Scott is a Google Certified Partner… And Inbound Marketing Certified. So basically, if it has to do with marketing… Advertising… Or anything […]

Inbound Marketing, Going Big, & Podcasting with Tom Schwab

Today’s guest on creative success is a veteran Naval officer…
So yes, He’s ran both nuclear reactors and small businesses.
And as he says… One was easy, because it came with an instruction manual.
After he was done juggling plutonium, he found himself running a small business in Michigan…
But following the crash of 2008… His back was to the wall.
He knew that in order to grow his business, to go from regional competitor, to national leader…
He’d need to go online.
Find out how Tom Schwab used inbound marketing & podcasting…
To Go Big

Doubling Down, Double Olympian & Run Gum with Nick Symmonds

Do you drink energy drinks?
Red Bull and Monster addicts?
If you want to learn why an entrepreneur started a franchise…
Before he took a consumer good product to market…
And that good is gum.
Run Gum
Ditch the drinks and pick up this entrepreneurial gold right now with my friend Nick Symmonds

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