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You may have found me through my health & fitness site, coaching site, or have heard me on someone else’s podcast, but either way… I’m glad you’ve come to hangout.

Here’s the real background story that most don’t get to hear…

I was your typical all-American kid growing up, except for the fact that we never really had 1 place we called home. I’ve lived in Orlando and Jacksonville Florida, Mobile Alabama, Anaheim California, Houston Texas, I was born in Lafayette Louisiana, where we lived several different times, and then finally moved to Tucson Arizona, which was where I went to high school.

Yes, we lived all those places before I was in 9th grade…

I played every sport imaginable growing up, was incredibly bored throughout my k-12 experience, and the only reason I even made it into college was because of my math scores on the SAT. I’m great with numbers… Horrible at reading. Can you guess what happened soon after that?

Yeah, you’ve got to read in college, so that was short lived. After I headed back home, I partied in between punching in and out of my dead end jobs. My life was going nowhere and I finally realized it was going to be up to me to do something about it.

I was mature enough to know that I was going nowhere fast, so I made the choice to extract myself from the situation, see what I did there, of Tucson. I needed discipline. I needed focus. I needed to get the hell out of Dodge. Inspired by 9-11, I thought I could hit 2 birds with 1 stone and enlist into the military. I was proud of myself and finally getting my life on track, but then I lost control of my car.

It was the day after my little brother’s birthday and I was speeding back to my parents’ house. Long story short, a tree came through the windshield and impaled me in the face. My skull was cracked open so severely, you could see my brain. It was exposed to the air.

2 months later, I “woke up” in the traumatic brain injury unit of a rehab hospital in Tucson totally blind. I lost vision out of both eyes completely. I was left in the darkness. Eventually, I figured out that I still had talent, skills, a working brain, and potential, but it would be up to me to live a life worth living. So, that’s what I did.

This lead me to learn how to live blind, go back to college, become a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and even a professional athlete as a US National team athlete in track & field. I also play blind baseball and dabble in cycling.

Ultimately, I learned that in life, sometimes, you have to be creative to find success. But, everyone has creativity and success inside them. I hope the info on this site and the Creative Success Show helps you find it.

And, thanks for taking a listen

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